The Preston Wing is named for Marisa Vecchio nee Preston, who bought Hanworth in 2012. Marisa dedicated the home to the memory of her late mother Romana Preston (just as Mary Wienholt had done for her mother almost 100 years before). This wing comprises the 2014 new build, replacing the former masonry laundry block. It is towards the rear of the property, nestled behind the expansive and beautifully landscaped internal courtyard and verandas.


Marisa’s late father, John Preston (1931—2015) former Police Seargent and devoted family man, would have loved this quieter and more out of the way place to bear his family name.


It is certain that Captain Heath would approve this naming as the 8 bedrooms are named after Captain Heath’s Wife, Mother and six daughters.

The rooms of the PRESTON WING:


MARIANNE Marianne Poynter nee Bevan (George Poynter Heath’s mother)
CECELIA Cecelia Georgina Heath (1/9) (Married C. John Locke Marx – George Poynter Heath’s daughter)
ELIZABETH Elizabeth Jane Heath nee Long Innes (George Poynter Heath’s wife)
ISABEL Isabel Clara Heath (3/9) (George Poynter Heath’s daughter)
ETHEL Ethyl May Heath (2/9) (Married L. John Garnet Armstrong – George Poynter Heath’s daughter)
BEATRICE Beatrice Gertrude Heath (6/9) (George Poynter Heath’s daughter)
EVELYN Evelyn Elizabeth Heath (8/9) (George Poynter Heath’s daughter)
VIVIEN Vivien Alice Marie Heath (9/9) (George Poynter Heath’s daughter)
MOWBRAYTOWN Local Community of old
OLIVA’S CHASE Oliva Radford (Marisa Vecchio’s Grandmother)