The HEATH WING (and the northern part of the Norman Wing) is the original Hanworth. Its build was commissioned by George Poynter Heath and his wife Elizabeth Jane (nee Long Innes) in 1864. The first hand made red brick was laid on July 16, and the house was completed before mid-1865, when they most likely moved in with their growing family. They named it ‘Hanworth’ after their hometown in Norfolk, England. The HEATH WING honours Heath and his family. The original homestead remains reasonably true for its majority and is easily identifiable as it is the only part of the present day building to be red brick.


Captain Heath engaged prominent Brisbane architect James Cowlishaw to design his family home. Hanworth House is important in illustrating the early development of East Brisbane, and is one of the suburb’s (and Brisbane’s) earliest surviving houses and evidence of the fine riverine estates that lined the Brisbane River in the mid-19th Century (along with Eskgrove, Riversdale or Mowbray Park, Shafston House and Bulimba House) Hanworth is situated on the stretch of the River known as Humbug Reach.


Important features of the House reveal much of the era:

  • elegant symmetry and proportion of a Georgian-influence design;
  • red brick (handmade), perhaps indicating that milled timber was not readily available, or perhaps Cowlishaw’s trademark and preferred building substrate, or a testament to permanency on Heath’s part;
  • hipped, corrugated iron roof, painted green at some later date;
  • concave veranda nosing;
  • cast-iron columns.

The present day front door is original timber and opens into a grand Entry Foyer. The story of Hanworth House unfolds with true depth and colour in a quirky gallery of sorts that greets everyone who enters the House. The walls here are lined with various photographs, portraits, lithographs, clippings and other paraphernalia that reflects the ownership and the life of Hanworth House – a true “from then to now” portrayal.


The rooms of the HEATH WING:


GABRIELLI Romana Preston nee Gabrielli (Marisa Vecchio’s Mother)
MARISA Marisa Vecchio (Owner HH from 2012 – Dedicated HH to Romana)
MARY Mary Wienholt nee Powell (Owner HH from 1913 – Dedicated HH to Anne Powell)
RITA OFFICE Saint Rita (Patron of abused women – Plaque found in 2012)
ROMANA drawing room Romana Preston nee Gabrielli (Marisa Vecchio’s Mother – HH is dedicated to her)
ANNE DINING ROOM Anne Powell nee Rees (Mary Wienholt’s Mother – Hospice was dedicated to her)
CAPTAIN’S GALLEY Cptn George Poynter Heath (Original Owner HH from 1864 – Qld’s first Portmaster)