The eastern side of Hanworth has been name the NORMAN WING. It comprises some of the original homestead (discernible by red brick construction) and the inter-war masonry extension by Mary Wienholt at the very end. The main entry to this section is on the outside of the building, facing Norman Creek. It is called the NORMAN WING because in the days of Heath’s residency, the view from the upper level of the homestead was over Norman Creek, which had significance to Heath’s job as Portmaster.


There is some dispute as to how Norman Creek acquired its name. Some sources report that Australian Explorer Edmund Lockyer named it thus in 1825, however, in a paper from 1953 ‘NORMAN CREEK (BRISBANE) AND SURROUNDINGS’, author LE Slaughter indicates the name Norman’s Creek is a corruption of the original name of Gorman’s Creek, named after Lieutenant Owen Gorman who was the last Commandant of Moreton Bay. Slaughter also says that Baker’s Atlas of 1846 mapped it as Gorman’s Creek. The suburb of Norman Park which is bordered by the creek was named after Sir Henry Norman, the seventh Governor of Queensland, May 1, 1895.

The rooms of the NORMAN WING:


CAPTAIN’S REACH For Captain George P Heath
HUMBUG Humbug Reach (part of the Brisbane R. that HH overlooks)
WIDOW’S WALK The roof top walk (Discovered after the fire)
JEANNIE Jeannie Lucinda Musgrave (Wife of Governor at wedding)
PENELOPE Penelope Wensley (Governor at time of HH 150th)
LENEEN Leneen Ford (First female QLD Governor)
DIAMANTINA Diamantina De Roma Bowen (Wife of first Qld Governor)
QUENTIN Quentin Bryce (First female Aust Governor)
MADELEINE Madeleine Preston (Marisa Vecchio’s Niece)
ISABELLA Isabella Vecchio (Marisa Vecchio’s Daughter)
ROSE The flower of the genus Rosa (Romana Preston’s favourite)
THE GROVE The Citrus Grove (Reinstated in the courtyard of HH)