Only One Day to Go

Only One Day to Go

Hi Readers, HH has been in lockdown

I never thought preparing for a 150th birthday could take so much time and energy
 Remember when the “not so Grand Lady” looked like this last year?
And she looked like this as the rebuild began?
Well she looks a bit special now
 Even this one is excited!
Sorry I have been a bit absent, after the birthday tomorrow I promise I will share all my news in the lead up to the big event
So if you are around these 2 Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan will be broadcasting live from Hanworth on HH’s 150th birthday tomorrow (Wednesday 16 July 2014) from 5am
Come say hello
At 7am this one, Minister for Heritage and Environmental Protection Hon Minister Andrew Powell MP will pay us a visit and check out the progress in the land of HHHow exciting – I’m excited and exhausted and I have lots to tell you in the days ahead

But for now, thank you all for your support and your wonderful wishes

Our Grand Lady is about to turn 150 tomorrow

One sleep (not that I will be getting any!) to go!
Lots of love
x HH