Missing in Action and March Mayhem

Missing in Action and March Mayhem

 Horray Heart Hanworth House – I have conquered my blogger problems and I am back. To welcome you  I pulled out the new HH trellis pinboard

Oh I have missed you all – so much to share. Look at the beauty HH is fast becoming – the ballroom is nearly back.

And do you remember the tragedy of the white marble fireplace which melted in the arson explosion?  Here’s a sad  reminder of that dark place nearly a year ago.
Well, in good news, it looks resplendent and is happily now reunited with the sensual red fireplace (my 2014 take on heritage red) and sexy silver stripes – see!

Don’t worry the carpet underlay is only temporary (just babysitting the newly laid timber floors!) . However, the ballroom is not the only room rocking a  new look –   here is a sneak peak of my new office 

Even the  fireplace received a makeover

and Meet PA HH II – part of our orientation to don the pink HH hardhat!

And the neighbouring office of the HH PA twins has started to emerge from its ugly duckling state
Some action shots of cupboard installation day

To fast becoming something quite special


 and the map room is but a stone’s throw away
 Outside the new gal roof has given the grand lady a whole new look

We received some very special visitors recently –  people who were regular visitors to hh in the 1960s and 1970s – and had oh so many stories to share (more about that in a later post)
Wish I had some more stories about the adventures of those who lived within these walls.
Talking of walls, we are expanding – we have had the demolition demons in

and look at the transformation

I simply cannot blog about HH and not share with you every riveting new moment!

But wait – there’s more… love this ant hill shot!

Then my pulse rose as the concrete truck pulled in

and down came the concrete base

Ta dah! A slab!

and behold the new disabled access too

Remember we lost all of the front entrance in the fire? Here were the fabulous joiners on re-installation day

Now look at it – new glass identical to the original and all

The floor sanders have not been idle either

Some kitchens have received little love to date

But others have had love in bucketloads!

Colour swatches are out – you know what that means
There are significant life decisions to make – like what the next rug will look like – loving working with the very talented Erin  Check out the wonder of Gilles and Franck here

 I have become the proud owner of this chevron hall runner 8m in length – destined for the quirky west wing
And don’t think we didn’t celebrate Valentines’ day – there were purple chocolates (naturally) 

and we hunted down each and every one of our builder boys to personally deliver them
(is that you blushing Jake?) 

No one can say the HH boys are not well looked after!

So the blog may have been down – but rest assured, HH has not been!  Look forward to keeping you updated on all the latest. 
Special thanks to the beautiful reader who said she missed my posts and spurred me on to get my act together- you are deserving of a HH award for community service – this one is for you