The North-western side of Hanworth House overlooks the picturesque street scape of Lytton Road—the row of iconic ‘Queenslanders’ in the foreground and the developing yet still charming cityscape of Brisbane frames from behind. Hanworth’s verandas off the Dining Room and the main kitchen, the Captain’s Galley open onto gardens, lawns and some magnificent old trees. A croquet set beckons, as do lawn chairs and garden paths. At the southern end of this part of the property, stands a glorious pavilion.


Marisa has designed and built a stunning, completely new structure. The construction incorporates materials and surfaces that continue a conversation of sorts with the older parts of the Home, particularly the feature red brick wall at the back of the Pavilion.


The purpose for this space is as a place for tenants to relax or perhaps study, but most of all relax and enjoy their time, whatever their pursuit. Additionally, this space is occasionally utilised as a mini function or conference facility for corporate or charity undertakings of interest and benefit to women, including the women of Hanworth.


It has been named PHOENIX PAVILION, akin to the bird of Greek Mythology that is long-lived and reborn of the ashes of its predecessor. The symbolism of renewal is very fitting considering the devastation of the 2013 fire, as is the fact that the Phoenix is associated with the colour purple – the colour chosen for Hanworth House because of its relevance to the international colour of women – yet another quirky revelation within the journey of Hanworth’s History.