Hanworth stands resplendent in her former 19th Century beauty after repairs, renovations and captivating restorations by new owner Marisa Vecchio (2012). It fast became apparent that the system for identifying rooms for tenants from the Hospice days—plain old room numbers—begged for a similar modernisation and upgrade to sit oppositely amongst Hanworth’s niche operations as Accommodation for Professionals. Marisa envisioned that room names rather than numbers would add a richness to the experience of living at Hanworth. The original idea was to name each room after the ‘Women of Hanworth’, whomever they may be. Charged with the job of finding those Women, Shelley, Marisa’s friend and emerging but accidental historian, embarked on a research project that uncovered a history and heritage dripping with a richness and abundance none could have imagined. The house, it’s residents and the intertwining of social and political environments over the years have revealed a seemingly endless pool of worthy Women. Shelley and Marisa uncovered Hanworth’s fascinating world of pioneering greatness and philanthropy, friendship and family values, and most prominently the enduring human spirit that, despite adversity, never gives up. Such is the spirit of Hanworth House.


Enter the fascinating world of the Rooms of Hanworth House and perhaps even find the room you would choose for your own stay.

The journey through the Halls of Hanworth is most easily done considering each of Her now


all named with relevance.
There are also three special areas to note to complete the ‘namings’ of Hanworth House.

The Heath Wing is the original handmade red brick part of the homestead. This naming honours Captain George Poynter Heath, who built his ‘Hanworth’, as his family home, naming it after his hometown in Norfolk, England. It comprises all the north facing rooms on the front veranda of the home. See who has inspired the naming of the rooms and why here.

The Wienholt Wing is named for Mary Marguerite Wienholt nee Powell, who bought Hanworth in 1913 and repurposed it into a home for elderly and impoverished women. The wing comprises the 1918 built timber extension on the west side, still with its original floor-plan configuration. But what of the room names? Find out about some of Hanworth’s greatest Women here.

The Norman Wing is named for Norman Creek, which once formed the eastern boundary of Hanworth’s land. It is named for Sir Henry Wylie Norman (1826-1904) Governor. The wing comprises the interwar masonry extension by Mary Wienholt and the eastern facing rooms of the original homestead. Be enthralled by the depth and character behind the naming of the rooms here.

The Preston Wing is named for Marisa Vecchio nee Preston, who bought Hanworth in 2012. Marisa dedicated the home to the memory of her late mother Romana Preston (just as Mary Wienholt had done for her mother almost 100 years before). In this wing, Captain Heath’s family is honoured along with some heartfelt additions. Find out who and what here.