Birthday fit for a Queen

Birthday fit for a Queen

The day we have all been waiting for (seemingly for so long) just seemed to spring up on us.

Suddenly the beloved whiteboard read “0 days to go”
Radio 4BC, our valued media partner, branded the front lawn
Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan from 4BC  (2 of the loveliest people around) had a sleep over at Hanworth House the night before (we had SO much fun!) 

The welcoming committee was at the ready

The doco crew was at the ready

Breakfast was ready

The Grand lady looked pretty grand (despite her being 150 years young!)

I call this my helicopter pad and I think it is the bomb

Purple was the colour of the day

of course there were sashes (did you ever doubt there would be!)

All the big names came (we can only show you a picture of this man from the back!) Well maybe I will show you his face later in the post!

Hanworth House was looking pretty special

Sausages and coffee were provided for the visitors



and there were kisses and cuddles all around!





B “Manager of all things Eventful and of interest at HH” (his self-proclaimed title BTW) had a handle on all that was going on (the purple kilt was his idea, I assure you!)

We had lots of fun chatting on air



The visitors seemed to have a good time too


The talented Vanessa from Shesha & Grace gave a makeover to some of our old furniture
( Check her great website here)


OK I can show you his face now – we were so honoured to welcome the Heritage Minister Andrew Powell to our 150th birthday celebration and to cut the birthday cake




Even the cake was purple

Don’t mind if I do

Meet V of HH – she is our new Resident Manager

and here is C, who was a tenant at HH for over 10 years when I bought it (I am not sure he quite recognises the place!)









One of the high points was this painting done by my mother for a neighbour of hers many years ago was returned to HH (am emotional moment)


and here is a first glimpse of our new courtyard

This birthday visitor Katherine worked at HH in the past and a had a photo taken outside the room which used to be hers

There is not anything about the history of HH which this sashed lady does not know

and Helen Abrahams our local Councillor came and joined the celebration too

This  little dynamo made a lot of the celebration happen – thanks M


Superstar Tea Cosy could not contain herself and decked herself up in celebratory ribbon (any excuse for cake!)


Clare from Channel 9 turned up to capture the moment
Watch the Channel 9 news story here 

And an apt picture to end the Festival of 150 as a picture of our crew with the landscapers and builders left on site (not as many as the last 2 weeks but a fair few nevertheless)

Emotional day – exciting day – happy birthday to our Grand Lady. She looked more Grand than she ever had before.

Birthday balloons for the birthday girl

Don’t worry , there are still 2 more parties to come – it was a Birthday Festival after all – you won’t get rid of me this easily!

x HH