A new leaf in an old book

A new leaf in an old book

I know I know, hopeless blogger (hopefully less hopeless blog).
Birthdays, openings and then the final goal to reduce my “list of things to do” from 1120 to just 130.It has been tough… but behold…

She is done – and  beautiful isn’t she?
And just in case you need the techno colour version
So, as I have been run off my feet with builders coming and going, red tape, Brisbane Open House, marketing, tenants – you name it, HH has done it of late… I have been so neglectful of this blog which, in a sense, was a lifesaver to me when the days were dark.
Remember those dark days?
Miss HH suggested I start the blog as a means of sharing the challenges which, at the time, seemed overwhelming (and they certainly were)
But look at that room now
And this was the devastated office now transformed
See,  this office is very condusive to re-establishing my blog. And there is no excuse, right?
I just love my space, so today on this first day of summer I feel reinvigorated to set some groundrules for myself so that I don’t fail to deliver in any more.
So I’m game if you are
Next time I will tell you what this beautiful building and Hanworth House have in common..
 I can sense your excitement
Me too – feels good to be back
x HH
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